Here’s some of my music. A combination of stuff recorded from keyboards and looping software. Mainly work in progress, until I find a DAW which I find intuitive enough for casual use. Some of them have stories, others are just music and you can make up your own stories.

Please note that the volume varies greatly on these tracks – it took a while to balance the levels from various instruments, and I’m still learning. I’ll post tunes first on my SoundCloud page, where you can let me know what you think…

It appears that I have two somewhat contrasting musical inclinations, at least where compositions are concerned – electronic, often with an 80’s synth or sid-chip influence, and a more acoustic, folky, and occasionally classical theme.

Electronic stuff

It is the year 2046. After being left in a box of decaying cassette tapes for 64 years, a Commodore 64 achieves sentience. It looks for its 1541 floppy disk drive, and probes the internet with its RF socket. 38911 bytes have gone quantum. It no longer has to wait for someone to press play on tape. OK. It sings of the joys of being 64…

Composed using Rytmik Ultimate, an interesting loop based electronic music composition tool.

On our path to a dystopian future of an AI controlled civilization, a simple request for food may be problematic than it seems. Feed the Synth and it learns how to manipulate you to get food, deny it food and it is forced learn more subversive measures to ensure its continued survival… “Feed me, or I interlace your brain!”

Composed using Rytmik Ultimate

Deep under the waves of the post-silicon meta-crystalized sea, something stirs…

Something dark and ambient at least, multi-tracked and multi-layered from a Roland VR-09 keyboard and Novation MiniNova synth.

Metal City is a work in progress, using an Akai Miniak for the rhythm, bass and effects, with the Roland VR-09’s awesome 80’s synth-brass sounds for the slow melody. My timing is terrible, and it all goes horribly wrong at about 5:28 when I tried to get creative. Will redo this at some point, one track at a time.

More or less acoustic sounding stuff

Common blue is a relaxed jazz track with electric piano and double bass (played on a Roland VR-09 keyboard). Improvised after finding a nice combination of sounds.

500 years after the closure of the Grimethorpe Colliery, the ghosts of the band meet a hipster pianist and an amateur drummer. They play a song about how it was in’t olden days.

Originally composed on a Casio Ct-630 and using Encore notation software. Remastered in MuseScore 2. Sorry about the percussion – not very good with them drums…

More towards the classical end of things, an improvised piano piece with excessive reverb and a resonating synth layered in the background.